Welcome to the University Post Graduate College, Secunderabad

General Information :
  • Candidates once admitted are required to put in not less than 75% of attendance in lectures (and practicals wherever applicable), otherwise they will not be entitled to appear.
    • For the examination
    • For claiming the scholarship
    • For promotion to the next semester.
  • Return of T.C.: The T.C. submitted at the time of admission will be returned to the candidate only if he / she cancels his / her admission on or before last day of admissions.  On cancellation of admission after the last date of admissions, the T.C. of University P.G. College (O.U.), Secunderabad will be issued.  Request for cancellations should be made under the applicant’s own signature.
  • Students who have pursued a course of study partially at this College but wish to be admitted again to I Semester with / without  a change of Faculty or Combination, will be considered on merit (based on their intermediate marks) along with other fresh applicants.